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Our Level 1 program is a profound inner healing experience that packs a lifetime of trauma work into just 8 weeks. Leveraging neuroscience principles and deep body-based fear work, our soul retrieval process roots out the childhood trauma so that those old vibrations are no longer overlaid into current life relationships and situations.



enroll through Aug 2024


This year-long apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to solidify your coaching skills and develop soul retrieval skills, which allow you to precisely transmute trauma packet vibrations so they don't show up as anxiety and depression in your clients.

July 2024 - Dec 2024

Streamlined Level 1 combined with Level 2 Coach Certification

This is the perfect program for those who don't identify as needing to deep inner work, but who want to move through Level 1 to gather the tools and experience receiving Inner Alignment Coaching and Healing. Level 1 Coaching is conducted toward launching into life purpose. Level 2 Coach Certification is our traditional program.



Oct 2024


This program will give you everything you need to create the structure of your own Coaching program so you can guide your clients through their transformation process, and trust they will be fully supported in their 6-layered rewiring process to sustain their growth.
*Level 1 requisite

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