Community Resources

Here are some incredibly life-changing resources for you to access on your healing and awakening journey:

Live Daily Centering: 
Live daily meditation zoom sessions occur Sunday through Thursday 12:15-12:35pm Eastern Time. Simply sign into your zoom account (video off) and click this LINK to enter the LIVE daily centering.

Daily Centering Meditation Recordings: 
We have an extensive playlist of our favorite daily meditations recordings.

Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval Book Club mini-course: If you would like to move through Kim's new book with corresponding teachings, her book club mini-course is now available. This consists of 4 videos (2 hour per video) to help integrate the core concepts of each chapter.

Awaken Your Potency Book Meditations
These meditations map to the practices provided in the Awaken Your Potency book chapters.

Access video recordings of Kim's yoga class and Ayurveda workshop.

Book links:

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