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Inner Alignment
Accelerated Lightworker

Coach Certification


You’ve studied yoga, Reiki and other healing modalities 
but haven’t yet launched your life purpose work?

This program is being offered exclusively to lightworkers in the Yoga Farm Community who are ready to activate Life Purpose, move beyond imposter syndrome, and start to anchor transformative change in humanity during this critical time of profound shifts on the planet.​

  • Learn to coach with an 8-week (8 session) model using Kim’s Inner Alignment process for repeatable client transformation

  • Complete a coaching project with full support during the program

  • Earn certification so you can open your own Coaching business

  • Confidently launch your Purposeful work in the world

Here are some Testimonials for the Program


Who is an Accelerated Lightworker?

An Accelerated Lightworker is described by a majority of the statements below:

  • Has done their years of therapy for inner awareness of relationship patterns

  • Has an active yoga or breathwork practice

  • Practices meditation and has spiritual connection

  • Uses law of attraction to create ideal circumstances

  • Has skills, gifts, or practices for healing self/other (Clinical Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Violet Flame/Lightwork, Forgiveness prayers)

  • Can work through personal emotional issues/struggles on their own within a support system

  • Understands the value of self-care preceding service to others

  • Has strong understanding of inner shadow qualities, and practices self-awareness wrt shadow in personal relationships


Phase I: Releasing Inner Obstacles to Your Divine Blueprint (8 Weeks)

Most of us hit our Tiny Mad Idea of unworthiness (not “good enough”) when we embark on the path of profound service. The first two months of Coach Certification allows us to clean up those trauma patterns, lineage karmic behaviors and belief systems to pave the pathway of transformation. During this phase, you fill your toolbox with inner transformation tools that you will ultimately offer your own clients after certification. Learn to activate the 6-layered body:

  • Activate your 9 dimensions of consciousness

  • Channel Light and transmute energetic interference

  • Activate your Light Body and Divine Blueprint

  • Process negative emotions and old trauma packets 

  • Neutralize the mental body back to “what-is”

  • Open your 5th Dimension portal of the Sacred Heart for Divine connection

  • Cleanse personal and lineage karma and through systematic spiritual transmutation

  • Do Shadow work for pure self-acceptance and self-love

  • Heal relationships and up-level partnerships back to sacred love


Phase II: Holding the Sacred Container for Client Transformation (8 weeks)

Once you’ve transformed your own emotions, thoughts, and beliefs back to inner alignment, you are ready to hold that same container for others. At this point, we teach you coaching methodology that allows you to activate transformation in your own clients so they can connect to their inner truths, and learn how to transform their own inner blockages.

  • Learn to channel the Light on behalf of your clients for accelerated healing and growth

  • Activate your client’s soul truths and Divine blueprint

  • Balance their energetics (chakras, doshas)

  • Teach them to process fear out of their body (trauma packets), and shift out of negative thoughts and emotions

  • Rewire their brain and body to sustain higher thoughts, frequencies and emotions

  • Sustain their higher vibrations through their own self-care


Phase III: Launching Your Divine Blueprint (4 weeks)

Once you’ve done your inner work and developed the skills to facilitate others’ inner work, it’s time to move through the normal fear that shows up when paving the path for your own Lightwork in the world. Many coaches talk of doing great things, but this is where the rubber meets the road and you develop your unique program (that you were put on this earth for), and anchor it into the physical realm. By the end of the program, you have two clients under your belt, along with data on your potency, and testimonials for your ego-mind to remember your potency.

  • Define and price your offer, producing marketing, learning how to consciously enroll your clients 

  • Shift scarcity mentality around money so you can receive the clients you were always meant to serve

  • Use the laws of resonance and attraction to welcome the “right” clients

  • Fully execute your program through successful launch


Here are some Testimonials from coaches' practice clients prior to graduation.




$6900 paid in full


$7500  in 2 payments ⬇️ 

$3750 deposit before phase I & $3750 due before phase II




Program starts July 2024!

Phase I
Learning the Curriculum and Practices: 

  • Participants are assigned a Level 2 Certified Coach who meets weekly for 90 min in Phase I to cover practices, and do inner work (feel and process; fear exploration; belief system; upper dimension work)

  • Eight weekly group gatherings for inner assimilation of the rewiring practices and curriculum

  • 3 soul retrievals offered over the first 3 months of the program to help unlock deeply held patterns

Phase II & III

Each week of Coach Certification contains:

  • Self-study curriculum videos that teach a key skill to be practiced throughout the week

  • Skill Practice with Peer Coachee: Provide coaching to one peer and receive coaching from a different peer each week to hone the skill 

  • Skill Practice with Community referral: Coach a member of your community over the 10 weeks for the experience with a practice client

  • Group teaching and Q&A: Receive a teaching/demo, and ask questions from your practice.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the original offerings (Level 1 Soul Retrieval + Level 2 Coach Certification on website) vs this Combined Accelerated Coach Certification program?

This is a combined Level 1 & 2, where Level 2 is exactly the same, however Level 1 is significantly different.


In our traditional Level 1 program, the focus is on deep trauma healing which requires focused support daily for 8 weeks. This includes a 4 person team: 2 Soul Retrieval Healers (level 3 certified), an energy healer (Kaya), and a Coach (level 2 certified).  It includes 8+ two-hour healing sessions, daily team texting support, couples sessions, etc. This requires more energy, effort and resources, and therefore costs more.


In this accelerated program, you have one Coach meeting with you 90 min/wk to teach practices and help you transform your inner resistance to fully activate your life purpose. The inner work is focused on fear around your ultimate coaching offer launch (vs deep trauma healing). It is a more streamlined Level 1 which has modules, daily practices, and a coaching session each week. (You also get 3 Soul Retrieval healing sessions to do some deeper work toward your life purpose goals.)


How can Inner Alignment Coaching Packages look after certification?

We have seen Coaches combine this proven methodology and structure with their own gifts. For example:


  • Massage/Reflexology/Reiki AND Coaching: 8 session package alternating treatment and coaching each week, so that the coaching can work root cause of the energetic blockages.

  • Astrology/Coaching: Initial astrology session, followed by a coaching package to work the lineage karma and chart a vision with a tangible course of action over the upcoming transits.

  • Pregnancy-loss Coaching: This combines grief and trauma coaching, alongside the vision (law of attraction) work of future conception, with Reiki treatments built in.

Can this Accelerated Level 2 count toward the pre-requisite for Level 3 Soul Retrieval Healer Certification?

YES! You will receive a certification for both Level 1 and 2 with this path, which meets the criteria to apply for Level 3 Healer Training.

This program has a Return on Investment (ROI) of 1 year; meaning, you can make back the cost of the program within one year of doing this part-time (1 new client per month).


Click HERE for financing information

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