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Soul Retrieval Healer Certification


Kim Beekman is a Lightworker, Ayurvedic Counselor, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner. She blends Yogic sciences, Shamanic techniques, and neuroscience-based body-focused trauma healing to provide a very deep spiritual healing experience for clients. She has developed a spiritual healing method to remove deeply embeded belief systems and patterns by using multi-dimensional spiritual practices to heal childhood trauma that limits daily life and desired manifestations. 


She is gifted at helping clients rewire the mind, remove vibrational blockages, and release persistent negativity from the past, which allows for a new way of being after just a few sessions. 

Kim certifies Soul Retrieval Healers in using her 10-step Soul Retrieval Healing Process that has repeatable results for releasing trauma from the body. When repeated over a 2 month period, alongside Rewiring practices and coaching, the Soul Retrieval process can remove stored trauma from the body, and anchor the soul back into the body, so the client can feel free from the repeated reactivity, low vibration, negative thoughts and low emotion.

Level 3 Soul Retrieval Healer Curriculum

We offer a one-year Spiritual Healer Training which leads to Soul Retrieval Spiritual Healer certification with completion of this results-based curriculum.


Healers learn the 10 step Soul Retrieval Healing Process which includes accomplishing the following: identifying Trauma Packets, narrowing Trigger Portals, following the tether through body sensations from Trigger Portal to Trauma Packets, journeying into the 2nd Dimension of Consciousness to navigate the Trauma Packet, working within the Trauma Packet to facilitate healing on all six layers of the body, connecting the lower dimensions of consciousness to the higher dimensions to create a new frequency in the body vibration, facilitate Soul Retrieval to restore Soul Embodiment, and Recheck Vibration changes on the Present Moment Trigger​.

Here are the phases of this certification:


​Phase 1: Refine Rewiring Coaching; Observe Healing work (4-6 months)

  • Provide Rewiring Coaching for 2 sets of clients (paid position)

  • Hone coaching skills to be able to lead the session, guide the client, and provide daily texting check-in support

  • Attend and lead Level 1 group gatherings 

  • Study the Healing Session prototypes​

Phase 2 : Formal Training & Practice (2-4 months)

  • ​Learn the 10-step Soul Retrieval Healing Process (Training #1 with Level 3 team “virtual retreat”)

  • Practice healing sessions with Level 1 Rewiring Coaching clients

  • Submit practice healings for review and feedback; incorporate feedback and continue practice 


Phase 3: Individual Skill Refinement & Graduation (2-4 months)

  • Follow up Training retreat for deeper concepts

  • Continued practice and healing until criteria are met for graduation

  • Learn to facilitate the Seven Directions Drumming Ceremony
    (Graduation criteria must be met within 12 months of starting Level 3)

After Graduation, Level 3 Soul Retrieval Healers can apply to become a Primary Healer with our Inner Alignment Organization.

* Prerequisite: Level 2 Inner Alignment Healing Practitioner/Coach Certification *
Level 2 Coaches can apply for Level 3 after some of their own client experience

Click here to apply for Level 3 Soul Retrieval Healer Certification


Financing Options Available

Click HERE for more financing info.

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