2019 Spiritual Healer Program


Kim is a Lightworker, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner. She blends Yogic sciences, Shamanic techniques, and Reiki to provide a very deep spiritual healing experience for clients. She has developed a spiritual healing method to remove deeply embeded belief systems and patterns by using multi-dimensional spiritual practices to heal childhood trauma that limits daily life and desired manifestations. She is gifted at helping clients rewire the mind, remove vibrational blockages, and release persistent negativity from the past, which allows for a new way of being after just a few sessions. 


She offers a year-long Spiritual Healer Apprenticeship which leads to Soul Retrieval Spiritual Healer certification with completion of this results-based curriculum.


Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma

Shamanic Journeying


Community Ceremony

Working with the Elements

Clearing Negative Pain Bodies


Shamanic Reiki

Self Healing

Hands-on Healing

Distance Healing

Shamanic Reiki to guide Clients to Self Healing


Trauma Healing

Dimension work through Shamanic Journeying

Inner Child Healing

Chakra Healing and Balancing

Body-based Trauma Rewiring 

Past-life Healing



Spiritual Guide Communication

Merkaba Activation

Archangel Assistance

Christ Consciousness Attunement



Prerequisite: Inner Alignment Healing Practitioner Certification


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