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Inner Alignment for Healing Childhood Trauma with Kim Beekman

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Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma is a multi-layered approach to healing the root cause of anxiety and depression. By addressing trauma where it lives in the six-layered body, the system is able to heal the original trauma packets that create present moment nervous system dysregulation, energetic imbalances, emotional turmoil, negative thoughts, and spiritual disconnection. Once the traumas are transitioned into higher vibrational experiences, the system leans on neuroscience-based principles to sustain the healing by wiring the experience into every layer of the body for the two months it takes to build the new neural circuitry.
Learn more about this approach 
in Kim's book 
Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma or through her certification programs.

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Kimberly Beekman

Kim Beekman is a Lightworker, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner. She blends Yogic sciences, Shamanic techniques, and neuroscience-based body-focused trauma healing to provide a very deep spiritual healing experience for clients.

Learn more about Kim's Journey and the development of this work.


Kim lives in Southern California with her husband of 23 years, and her three wild and amazing teenage daughters who inspire her continued journey of her own inner alignment work.

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Healing Team

Inner Alignment provides Healing Intensives and Certifications through the dedicated work of our Healing Team. Each Healer has spent decades doing their own inner work. As a member of this expert team, they have spent thousands of hours in ongoing skill study and practice so they can work compassionately and precisely with clients through the Inner Alignment System of healing.


Laura Killian (co-founder) is a Reiki Master and lives on a farm in upstate NY with her husband, two children, and many animals. Rose Paull lives in Michigan and spends her time balancing corporate America, her family and spiritual growth, while finding humor in everyday life.

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