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Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval
for Healing Childhood Trauma Program


This inner healing intensive program clears the trauma from your body, rewires your brain, reconnects you with your Soul, and shifts your relationships so you can finally feel good again. 


Where decades of therapy fail to unravel trauma, negative patterns, and stuck emotions, the Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval process has proven effectiveness in moving clients into their vision. Hundreds of people have recovered from anxiety and depression, and maintained their inner work post-program. We have repeatable emotional improvement results and sustainable spiritual growth in almost every client that comes through our work.


The Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval program is an 8-week online (through Zoom, phone, and text) program with a three-person Healing Team that consists of two Soul Retrieval Healers and one Rewiring Coach. Over the 8 weeks, we do the following:


One-on-One Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval Healing Sessions

Weekly Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval sessions are focused on deep vibrational work, spiritual healing, and Soul Retrieval to release underlying trauma vibrations, unworthiness, and negative patterns. The sessions literally wire in wholeness on every layer of the body--Physical, Energetic, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual--leveraging neuroscience by building the neural pathways of worthiness (ie, love-able, safe, able to be seen/heard, etc) so that deeply buried Trauma Packets that are stored in the body can be healed at the cause of the reactivity. (More info on Trauma Packets HERE)

Everything else we do during the program works to sustain these new vibrations in the body, rewiring each layer of the body to sustain healing.

Inner Alignment Video Curriculum (Education and Rewiring Practices)

The Inner Alignment 8-week video series provides both education and rewiring practices (lifetime access):

  • Weekly Education videos shift belief systems, build a common understanding of the six-layers of the body, and set the foundation for one-on-one work

  • Practice videos provide body/mind/spirit rewiring practices to shift your nervous system, clear your energy field, and change the way you interface with the world. Daily rewiring practices are done on your own daily for 10-20 min/day. These well-wired practices help sustain the healing vibrations post-graduation.


One-on-One Rewiring Coaching Sessions

Weekly sessions with a Rewiring Coach teach the correct use of rewiring practices, help mentally process Healing Sessions, and gain emotional and spiritual support and accountability.

Daily Assistance to Accelerate Growth

  • Texting communication with the Healing Team every single day helps troubleshoot emotional triggers and ensure progress between sessions

  • Daily support and interaction with others on the same spiritual path via private Facebook Group creates a deep spiritual community


Group Video Conference Check-in

Weekly gatherings provide a reflection of each person's inner growth. The dynamic experience of witnessing others' paths can be beneficial to gain deeper understanding of the principles, and create spiritual support from other deeply spiritual souls.

Optional Partner Session

To ensure that long-term relationships are fortified through this work, we offer Partner Sessions with a spouse, business partner, or adult child.

To inquire about Level 1 work, please schedule a session to develop your Healing Blueprint (30min, $45) so Kim can help you chart the course of your inner work (i.e., persistent trauma patterns, trauma packet energetics, healing goals).


You can access Program Testimonials to learn more about past clients' experiences.

This program is a prerequisite for the Level 2 Coach Certification.



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