Do you struggle with childhood emotions even after years of therapy?

Does your childhood trauma show up in your current relationships?

Have you had enough of the past?

Are you ready to clean the slate so you can finally feel joy and love?


Let’s face it, talk therapy can only get us so far. There are more effective approaches that can make a HUGE difference.


It’s time to clear the trauma from your body, rewire your brain, reconnect with your Soul, and shift your relationships so you can finally feel good again. Yes, it’s completely possible. I have watched hundreds of clients make this shift in less than three months. Perhaps it's time for you?


The Soul Retrieval Program uses Kim's Inner Alignment System for spiritual healing and awakening. Where decades of therapy fail to unravel trauma, negative patterns, and stuck emotions, this system has proven effectiveness in moving clients through to a more desirable space.



The Soul Retrieval program is an 8-week program that consists of:


Video Series

Inner Alignment 8-week video series with education and weekly practices (lifetime access):

  • Education videos shift belief systems, build a common understanding of the six-layers of the body, and set the foundation for one-on-one work

  • Practice videos provide body/mind/spirit rewiring practices to shift your nervous system, clear your energy field, and change the way you interface with the world


One-on-One Rewiring Coaching Sessions

Weekly sessions with a Rewiring Coach to help troubleshoot issues, mentally process Healing Sessions, and gain emotional and spiritual support.

One-on-One Healing Sessions

Sessions are focused on deep vibrational work, spiritual healing, and Soul Retrieval to release underlying trauma vibrations, unworthiness, and negative patterns. 

Daily Access to Ad-hoc Assistance

  • Texting/email communication with Kim between sessions to troubleshoot emotional triggers and ensure progress between sessions

  • Daily support and interaction with others on the same spiritual path via private Facebook Group


Group Video Conference Check-in

Weekly gatherings to experience others' paths which can be beneficial to gain deeper understanding of the principles, as well as spiritual support from other deeply spiritual souls.


Read Program Testimonials to learn more about past clients' experiences.

This program is also included as the first 10 weeks of the Healing Practitioner Certification.



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