Inner Alignment

Healing Practitioner 



Are you ready to uplevel your impact in the world?


  • Master your own Manifestation Process

  • Heal your major blockages in manifesting abundance

  • Learn to coach with an 8-week (4 session) model using Kim’s process for repeatable client transformation

  • Complete a coaching project with full support during the program

  • Earn certification so you can open your own Healing Mentoring/Coaching business

  • Confidently launch your Purposeful work in the world

  • Get listed on Kim’s Practitioner website resource list to receive referrals (and become eligible to be a coach in Kim’s programs, and continue forward to Spiritual Healer Certification)


Want to learn more about how Kim shares Law of Attraction with her clients?

Click HERE for a video overview, and HERE for more information on her approach.


Program includes:

This program is held via online tools (video conferencing, recorded videos, conference calls)

  • Weekly one-on-one vibrational coaching sessions with Rewiring Coach

  • One-on-one Healing sessions with Kim

  • Peer Coaching Practice

  • Weekly Group Coaching with Kim and Rewiring Coach

  • Self-pace online curriculum (education & practices)

  • Workbooks, handouts and materials

  • Facebook community for asking questions and networking


Schedule & Curriculum

Inner Alignment Transformation Program (Weeks 1-9)

The first eight weeks allow you to work on yourself using the Inner Alignment System, which is based on principles of removing blockages from your LOA manifestation process. The system brings you back into alignment with yourself so you can mentor others back into their alignment for manifestation.


Week 1: Understanding the Vibrational Basis of LOA

Week 2: Law of Attraction Principles and Practice

Week 3: Negative Emotion and the Energy Field

Week 4: Working with The Mind

Week 5: Activating and Manifesting from The Heart

Week 6: Surrender and Releasing Resistance

Week 7: Shadow-work, Self-Love, and Life Purpose

Week 8: LOA in Relationships

This curriculum leans on Ayurveda, Law of Attraction, Shamanism, Neuroscience Mind/Body Rewiring, Yoga/Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Karma Clearing and many more ancient traditions.

Inner Alignment Healing Practitioner Curriculum (Weeks 10-18)

The second eight weeks guides you through the Practitioner Training Curriculum so that you can weave your inner lessons into the unique gifts you bring to your clients. This training contains the practical tools that you need to manage all the elements of guiding a client through their manifestation process, and also prepares you for the unexpected obstacles that arise along the way. Topics include:

  1. Coaching Communication Skills (Empathic Listening, Soul Questioning, Pure Observation)

  2. Invoking Sacred Presence

  3. Teaching Elemental Energetics

  4. Eliciting Intentions

  5. Unpacking Resistance (body-based)

  6. Aligning Belief Systems (mind-based)

  7. Conducting Sessions

  8. Launching Your Spiritual Business


Healing Practitioners take on a volunteer coachee as well as a Peer Coachee during this segment. There is group support and individual troubleshooting throughout the program.

This program has a Return on Investment (ROI) of 1 year; meaning, you can make back the cost of the program within one year of doing this part-time (1 new client per month).


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