To assist her mission to awaken as many people as possible, in the least amount of time...Kim teaches her spiritual processes to Lightworkers looking to advance their spiritual service in the world.
She trains and certifies Yoga and Meditation Teachers, Inner Alignment Healing Practitioners, and Spiritual Healers.

Inner Alignment Level 1:

Inner Healing & Transformation


Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma

Recovery from the past is possible. Most people feel broken and hopeless because they haven't found the tools to make profound shifts on the six layers of the body.


Our 2-month process is unlike any other process in the world. Seriously. It exists nowhere else. 

We combine neuroscience, body-based trauma release, and Soul Retrieval to make lasting change on the physical, mental, pranic, emotional, and spiritual layers of the body.

This program is invite-only because not everyone is ready for this depth of work, so book a call with Kim for more info.

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Inner Alignment Level 2: 

Healing Practitioner 


Inner Alignment Healing Practitioner

Using law of attraction, Ayurveda, energetic healing tools, neuroscience, body-based somatic tools, spiritual karma clearing, and deep healing practices, Healing Practitioners become certified to bring this powerful work out into the world in their own community.


They become skilled at holding space and unpacking the fear and resistance that keeps clients from their deepest desires. Certification prepares Practitioners to build the foundational healing skills, and set up an ethical healing business to activate their life purpose in the world.

The community built in this program helps to set the Practitioner up for a lifetime of support.

Completion of Level 1 required. Book a call with Kim for more info.

Inner Alignment Level 3:

Soul Retrieval Healer


Spiritual Healer



Kim blends Yogic sciences, Shamanic Soul Retrieval techniques, Angelic Healing, and Reiki to provide a very deep spiritual healing experience for clients. She has developed a unique spiritual healing method to remove deeply embedded belief systems and patterns by using multi-dimensional practices to heal childhood trauma that limits daily life and desired manifestations.


She offers a year-long Spiritual Healer Apprenticeship which leads to Soul Retrieval Healer certification with completion of results-based curriculum.

Completion of Level 1 and 2 required.