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 There are three levels in the Inner Alignment System: 

To determine whether Inner Alignment is a good fit, schedule a session to develop your Healing Blueprint (30min, $45) so Kim can help you chart the course of your inner healing or life purpose work.


Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma

Recovery from the past is possible. Most people feel broken and hopeless because they haven't found the tools to make profound shifts on the six layers of the body.


Our 2-month process is unlike any other process in the world. Seriously. It exists nowhere else. 

We combine neuroscience, body-based trauma release, and Soul Retrieval to make lasting change on the physical, mental, pranic, emotional, and spiritual layers of the body.

To inquire about Level 1 work, please schedule a session to develop your Healing Blueprint (30min, $45) so Kim can help you chart the course of your inner work (i.e., persistent trauma patterns, trauma packet energetics, healing goals).

Click HERE for program testimonials.


Inner Alignment
Coach Certification

Using law of attraction, Ayurveda, energetic healing tools, neuroscience, body-based somatic tools, spiritual karma clearing, and deep healing practices, Inner Alignment Coaches become certified to bring this powerful work out into the world in their own community.


They become skilled at holding space and unpacking the fear and resistance that keeps clients from their deepest desires. Certification prepares Coaches to build the foundational healing skills, and set up an ethical healing business to activate their life purpose in the world.

The community built in this program helps to set the Coach up for a lifetime of support.

Completion of Level 1 required. Schedule a session to develop clarity on your Life Purpose trajectory if you'd like to embark on this process!


Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval Healer Certification


The Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval (IASR) process is a unique 10-step systematic approach to healing trauma at the root cause, in the trauma packet that lives within the six-layered body. This system leverages yogic sciences, Shamanic soul retrieval techniques, neuroscience belief and emotional rewiring, and energetic healing to provide a very deep healing experience for clients. Original trauma events that live within the trauma packets are transformed into a neutral vibration so that the person can restore bliss body (soul) connection, and release repetitive trauma patterns. 


This is a 12-month Spiritual Healer Apprenticeship which leads to Soul Retrieval Healer certification with completion of results-based curriculum.

Completion of Level 1 and 2 required to apply.

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