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Invitation to Level 2

(for Level 1 Graduates)

If you're interested in offering your own healing packages using my Inner Alignment approach, I would be honored to help you launch your spiritual work in the world!

What you can bring to the world with these tools is completely transformative, whether you "KNOW" what you are doing or not...because the reality is that Divine does all the heavy lifting with our clients!

As we help others, our growth expands exponentially. In fact, service is the best way to keep our vibration in FLOW!

Here's what the program entails for those who have completed Level 1...


8-week Practitioner Curriculum, which entails:

Weekly video Curriculum

Weekly Coaching Practice (Give/Receive weekly)

Weekly Group Session Teaching and Q&A with Kim

For a full overview of the program, see our Program Page


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions if you're unsure whether this is a good fit for you.

Level 2 program costs $5400

(10% discount if you enroll within 2 weeks of graduation)

Text me to schedule a discussion if you want help determining if this is the best step for you!

Also note: You can apply for 6-month Financing! Click HERE for financing options through PayPal.

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