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Modifying your breathing rate can have major physiological and psychological effects on your body. Please CLICK HERE for a list of contraindications (symptoms)  that can be aggravated by doing Pranayama Breathwork. Check with your doctor if you are unsure whether this is a safe practice for you.

Vibration Practice: Breathwork Intro

You can watch this 16min video the first time.

The other two videos can be used daily. Be sure to be in touch if you are not sure which breathwork is recommended for you based on your energetics.

Listen to your body and notice if this breathing destabilizes you OR energizes you.

Please don't force this breath if it doesn't feel good.

Just do ONE ROUND OF EACH TYPE WHEN YOU FIRST START OUT. You can build up to more when your body is strong enough to handle it. 

Your REWIRING COACH can help you figure out whether you are doing these correctly.

Option #1 Daily Energizing Breathwork


Option #2 Daily Grounding Breathwork


Nice Work!


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