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Thank you!

I'm so excited to meet with you!


Before we meet, please think about your most pressing issues so that we can discuss them during our Breakthrough Session!

Here's what past students are saying about this work:

“Life-changing." Jenness C.


"Thanks to Kim's intention setting workshop, I was able to get to the root of my relationship commitment issues to find the love of my life.” - Rebecca D. 


"Through Kim Beekman's meditation programs, I have accessed a deep peace in my life that I never thought was possible.” -Sara M.


“Learning to release fear, raise my vibration, and unlearn destructive thought patterns helped me to forgive myself, open my heart, and strengthen (save) our marriage during a time when the hamster wheel of daily life was numbing us into discontentment.”  - Carla W.


“Kim has helped me learn to use my emotions as a compass in my daily life allowing me to align more fully with my highest self.” - Amy E

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