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When those who have completed the Soul Retrieval Program (Inner Alignment System) were asked about how life has shifted, here's what some have said:


I feel a deep sense of self love and acceptance. I don't take things as personally. I don't have that angst in my solar plexus all the time. I am calmer about [son] being 10 hours away both around safety and FOMO. I am more patient and tolerant. I am noticing my ego all the time and responding differently to people. I am able to go in my heart cave and hangout. I can accomplish neutral mind over situations. -JK


So many things have changed. I truly do feel that I have gained more insight than I have through years of talk therapy. It has made me question my career as a therapist. You can only talk about things so much and there is a limit on what having the head knowledge can provide. It must be integrated and healed in the heart. That is what I have been missing. My life makes so much more sense now. I ... am able to take more responsibility for the things that are happening in my life and in my relationships. I am only beginning to learn how to love myself and I have a ways to go but I can see the changes daily and this motivates me to keep going. I can honestly say that I have not struggled with depression since beginning the program. -TK


I have learned to forgive others and release that which doesn't serve me. I've learned to allow myself to feel and acknowledge emotions, and release. I'm slowly getting better at loving and caring for myself. I'm learning more about energies and how to work with them. I've learned many things to do to support myself energetically and spiritually. -KR


I am not constantly searching for my worth outside of myself. Knowing from a cellular level I am worthy has been a huge shift. I have been able to breath through the feelings of something bad might happen when my son is on a motorized vehicle. Knowing everything is good in this very moment is helpful. I have come to realize that [my husband's] drinking is not about me. I have been able to speak to him through my heart to be support for him. Putting a self care practice in place has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time but was exhausted with getting plan together and not being able to stick with it. I have been walking and doing yoga and meditation faithfully throughout this program. Knowing my emotional sensitivity is a good thing has been wonderful. Enjoying nature, and the simple things in life. I have spent a lot of time outside since this program began. I am loving it. Being authentic and speaking my truth feels amazing. Calling bull shit when it is necessary. -DH


My life is different in many ways. I've acquired the knowledge & skills I've needed in order to take back my life. I have the skills needed to take responsibility for myself my happiness and my well being. I'm now empowered to move in a positive direction which has never been available to me before. I see things from a different perspective that's based on reality. Before the program I didn't have any idea what reality even was. The relationship with myself has taken front and center I now put more time into self care than ever. Before the program, I was spiritually dead felt dead inside and now I feel fully alive. Before the program my marraige was doomed because I couldn't see the forest for the trees but now it's different. Even though at times it's hard to look at the forest or the trees I can see it with neutral eyes instead of judgmental eyes and this in itself, enables me to keep moving forward. I've learned it's normal to have upsets where before an upset could mean death to the marriage. Most importantly it is a marraige where I can decide if I want to stay married and it won't break me if I decide differently down the road. The relationships with my grown children have changed as well. Before the program codependency had its death grip on me but now I'm able to see each of them on their own unique journey full of ups and downs. When they open up with problems they face, my intentions are to be the safe person for them to do so and the program has helped me to be the person who can hold space for each of them and my husband too. One last thing I want to mention: My husband says I'm a much happier person and am more at peace. -LK


I was able to stop importing my past memories into my present and that helped with getting rid of a ton of misery. I was able to move from resistance to acceptance of myself and my dad. I was able to deal with the tough situations with my children, [daughter] in treatment and [son] moving out, shifting from feeling like a complete failure as a parent to giving myself love and compassion for being the best mom I could be. -LB

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