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Soul Retrieval Healing Session

What is a Soul Retrieval Healing Session using the Inner Alignment Process?

An Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval Healing is a 90 minute session that targets a specific issue in your life and gets to the root cause by healing the issue where it started, in childhood. (More info on Trauma, Trauma Packets and Soul Healing in this SUMMARY)


Starting with the specific issue, we narrow the situation down to a Trigger so we can get UNDERNEATH the issue to the childhood trauma where the Trauma Packet originated. As we follow the body vibrations, the Trauma Packet within the body will show what the underlying pain body is reactivating. We spend the rest of the session working the 6 layers of the body out of resistance, and into a more peaceful space. At the end of the session, when the old vibrations clear, and the new vibrations settle into the body, we are able to recheck the Trigger and notice how the issue has shifted.

While this usually needs to be repeated weekly over the course of two months to feel the profound shift of trauma leaving the body, a single session can certainly bring some release and shift your vibration to a new space, so that you can have a more peaceful, more joyful experience in life. Other benefits of a session can include:

  • less reactivity toward a person or situation

  • a deep sense of peace and inner connection

  • groundedness in your heart

  • soul clarity and spiritual connection

  • a sense of self-love and worth

What does a session Cost?

Sessions are typically $500, but we have reduced the price to $250 for a short time while our healing calendars have some open space. Register ASAP if your soul says GO, because time slots fill super quickly.

If your intuition is guiding you to do this, REGISTER HERE for a session, and we will be in touch with you to set up a time.

How do I Prepare for a Session?

How to Prepare for your Session:

  • If you can, spend some time meditating on the issue that is triggering in YOU (rather than focusing externally, such as "they are the problem")

  • Be sure you are in a very quite space without interruption

  • Test your headset and be sure your cell phone service has a strong connection because you will find yourself in quiet whisper at times

  • Block off some time after the session for integration

  • Take notes at the end for recommendations for anchoring the healing into your day-to-day life.


Also, please note: Unlike talk therapy, during Soul Retrieval sessions, only about 20 minutes is spent talking about the issue from the mind. Healers only need a short time to hear the lineage patterns, chakra blockages, distorted belief systems, and emotional resistance. Once the trigger is found, all the work is done from the present issue.

Lots of Love,

The Inner Alignment Team 💜🔥

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