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Inner Alignment Healing Practitioner Certification


Are you ready to uplevel your impact in the world?


So many people are suffering through their existence, and the single-approach to healing (Reiki, Therapy, Yoga, Meditation) doesn't help people make the shifts necessary to make a major impact. The truth is that Trauma is at the root of their inability to shift their life.


Trauma with a big T (abuse) or trauma with a little t (shame and unworthiness) needs to be cleared from the body; the mind and emotions need to be rewired; the nervous system must be reset; and the Soul must be retrieved and activated for clients to start feeling whole and empowered again. 

This is powerful work and nobody else has a systematic process for transformation like we do!


Schedule & Curriculum

Inner Alignment Level 1: Inner Transformation Program (Weeks 1-8)

The first eight weeks allow you to work on yourself using the Inner Alignment System, which is based on principles of removing blockages from your LOA manifestation process. The system brings you back into alignment with yourself so you can mentor others back into their alignment for manifestation. (Note: Those who have completed Level 1 prior will go through the curriculum again with group support and new homework.)


Week 1: Understanding the Vibrational Basis of Your World

Week 2: Law of Attraction Principles and Practice

Week 3: Negative Emotion and the Energy Field

Week 4: Working with The Mind

Week 5: Activating and Manifesting from The Heart

Week 6: Surrender and Releasing Resistance

Week 7: Shadow-work, Self-Love, and Life Purpose

Week 8: LOA in Relationships


Inner Alignment Level 2: Coaching Curriculum (Weeks 9-18)

The second ten weeks guides you through the Coach Training Curriculum so that you can weave your inner lessons into the unique gifts you bring to your clients. This training contains the practical tools that you need to manage all the elements of guiding a client through their manifestation process, and also prepares you for the unexpected obstacles that arise along the way. Topics include:

  1. Coaching Communication Skills (Empathic Listening, Soul Questioning, Pure Observation)

  2. Invoking Sacred Presence

  3. Teaching Elemental Energetics

  4. Eliciting Intentions

  5. Unpacking Resistance (body-based)

  6. Aligning Belief Systems (mind-based)

  7. Conducting Sessions

  8. Launching Your Spiritual Business


Coaches take on a volunteer coachee as well as a Peer Coachee during this segment. There is group support and individual troubleshooting throughout the program.


Here's how it looks for those repeating Level 1 and starting Level 2:

Repeat Level 1 (starts early July):

  1. Weekly Group Video sessions facilitated by Sara

  2. Monthly Level 3 Healing Sessions (two total with Sara, Laura, or Sandy)

  3. Produce own Level 1 materials throughout weeks 1-8 (these are sample materials that you'll use after graduation)


Level 2 (starts early Sept and finished before Thanksgiving):

  1. Weekly Education Videos

  2. Weekly Practicum Videos to use new skills with your Peer Coachee and Practice Client

    • Coach your Peer Coachee​

    • Receive Coaching from your Peer Coach

    • Coach your Practice Client ("Guinea Friend")

  3. Weekly Group Video Q&A Session with Kim

  4. Provide and Receive Feedback with Peers


  • In Level 1, Kim plays the role of Mom in healing, but in Level 2 she shifts into College Professor Mode. Her goal is to certify you in the skills you need to show up in your heart and hold space for miracles

  • Weekly hourly commitment is about 10hrs/week

  • Takes Courage and deep trust in the Divine

  • Shadow work in practice is balanced with some serious skill-building

  • Deep co-creative community experience; going through adversity together


Sample Week:

Sun—get curriculum and practicum videos

Mon/Tue—give and receive Peer Coaching

Wed—Group VideoQ&A

Thus/Fri—Hold session with Guinea Friend

Peer Coach Feedback


(Check-ins with Sara/Kim via phone adhoc as needed.)

This program has a Return on Investment (ROI) of 1 year; meaning, you can make back the cost of the program within one year of doing this part-time (1 new client per month).


Click HERE for more financing info.

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