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Graduate Agreement

As a graduate of this Inner Alignment Level 1 work, we invite you to stay connected to your healing team, to your tribe, and to those who are currently going through the program. You are welcome to remain in the Soul Retrieval Facebook Tribe to support current participants as they walk through their healing journey, and to share your ongoing unfolding. 


(Please note: If staying in the Facebook Tribe doesn't resonate with you--if you'd prefer to graduate and move on--it's totally fine to unfriend the healers/coaches, and/or leave the Tribe FB group. This won't be taken personally, and you are welcome to email us at any time later on.)


If you decide to stay in the FB Tribe, we ask that you follow the guidelines posted in the group, specifically:


Facebook Group General Guidelines:

· If you post a meme, share something about how it relates to where you are at personally, so we can maintain the depth of this space.

· Try to avoid giving advice or trying fix/save someone from their negative emotions. Trust that they will find their way!

· This group is not the best resource if you are currently in a negative emotion. If you are struggling, first go to your Practices. If that doesn’t work...

[-Current Participants, please contact your Coach or Healing team.]

-Grads, try some new Practices, or contact your Momentum Buddy for support. You can also book a coaching/healing session.


To maintain your new role as a Grad in this work, we ask that you continue to use all the tools you've learned, and follow our Inner Alignment Graduate Agreement so that we can keep a safe space for everyone involved.


As an Inner Alignment Grad, we:

1-  Take responsibility for our vibrations, and the effects of what we attract in our life situations;

2-  Process our fear and Pain Bodies using our Level 1 Practices before commenting/sharing on the FB Group or Grad calls, or reaching out to a Momentum Buddy; and

3-  Commit to coming back to L.O.V.E. (Lasting Oneness Vibrational Energy Field) in the fastest possible recovery time to avoid the damage that fear has on ourselves, our relationships, and our community. 

We recognize that it could be easy to recreate birth family trauma patterns in community, so we commit to work ourselves into a deep awareness, keeping L.O.V.E. at the center of this work. We acknowledge that our participation as an Inner Alignment Grad in the community is dependent on this commitment to maintain a safe and sacred space for everyone involved.



When interacting with the Inner Alignment Organization as a graduate of Level 1, we ask that you respect the following:

Be in touch, but please be brief in your texts. Please  stay in touch with your Healing Team with short (2-3 sentence) updates! Anything longer can be posted in the FB Tribe (with your team tagged).


If you need assistance beyond a quick text, you can schedule a graduate healing session via the Graduate Healing Session application and choose the Healer with whom you would like to work. Any healing work you do with the members of the IA team must come through the application form.

When referring friends/family to the Inner Alignment Organization's Healers, they must first schedule a Healing Blueprint call with Kim from our website. You can have them request your favorite Healer when they meet with Kim. We ask that you not have people contact our Healers directly. 🙏 

* * *

Please don't hesitate to follow up with us if you have any questions.

Love, blessings, and violet fire,

Your Inner Alignment Team

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