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Ayurveda ~ Law of Attraction ~ Meditation


In the 200hr training, learn to: 

  • Teach postures using your unique teaching style, dynamic vinyasa flows, and safe practices

  • Unearth your inner spiritual depths to share your spiritual journey using your teaching voice

  • Deepen your meditation skills and learn to create sacred space to hold group meditations

  • Learn about Ayurveda and explore the energetics of your body type so you can work with students’ Ayurvedic elements when you teach (i.e., make group Ayurvedic assessments to customize postures)

  • Identify and overcome your fears and insecurities around teaching so that you can use the higher energetic frequencies available to you

  • Navigate the business and logistical aspects of bringing yoga and meditation out into the community (corporations, schools, parks, neighborhoods, churches, universities)

  • Develop humility to keep the ego out of your yogic spiritual service and keep it REAL


In the 300hr training, you will learn: 

  • Teach Restorative and Yin classes

  • Practice injury prevention and safe adustments for alignment and vinyasa practices 

  • Facilitate Sacred Geomtry-based Meditative Flow

  • Teach Advanced Pranayama to balance Ayurvedic Doshas

  • Spiritual practices based in Yogic Philosophy

  • Spiritual Mentoring System for one-on-one yoga clients to integrate Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Law of Attraction into everyday life



200hr 2018 dates TBD
8 day:      Inner Transformation week (Ayurveda, Meditation, Chakras, Anatomy, Posture Breakdown)
Fri-Sun:   Bulding Vinyasa Yoga Classes and Group Energetics
Fri-Sun:   Holding Meditation and Sacred Space 
Fri-Sun:   Bringing Yoga Into the World
Sessions typically run 8am-6pm and are held at The Studio in Greenfield Center, Saratoga Springs, NY


200 hour Training: $2950


This training is certified by Yoga Alliance and will provide participants with a Yoga Alliance Yoga & Meditation Certification.
Download APPLICATION and email to

200 & 300 hr Yoga & Meditation
Teacher Training

Calling all LIGHTworkers!

Are you ready to fully step into Spiritual Transformation and Service?

Here's what they're saying about this training!

“This has been the most transformational experience of my life.” Allison B. 

“The training truly ignited the spark inside me.
You’ve created a space for community around love and spirituality that feels like home.” Rebecca D.

“We are forever changed and will go forward to further that change in the world.” Amy E.

“You embody all that you’ve taught and have done it with such grace and love.” Hannah P.

“Life-changing.” Jenness C.

“Straight out of training, I could teach yoga classes that were fun, vigorous, AND meditative.” Sara M.

“Such a huge transformation.” Anna K.

“While other teachers focus on the physical mechanics of yoga,
Kim's trainees weave practical examples and spiritual guidance to provide a
total mind-body yoga experience. I have never left yoga classes feeling
so enriched in my heart, mind and body.” Stephanie F., Coesa Wellness 

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