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Wellness Coaching

Session Package 

(4 hours to be used as desired)


Time to make some lifestyle changes? Need some help during the transition?


Kim is a wellness counselor, yoga and meditation teacher, and all-around champion for health and wellness. She takes a mind/body approach with clients to help them make major life changes for some serious transformation!

A Wellness Coaching package helps clients to:

  • Identify lifestyle changes and develop a plan that will make the most impact on health and wellness;

  • Create accountability through ongoing mentoring so you can ACHIEVE the goals;

  • Release repetitive thought patterns, behaviors, and habits that get in the way of health and happiness;

  • Develop a daily meditation practice to regulate the autonomic nervous system (cardiovascular, immune, hormonal, respiratory, digestion, etc.)


4 HOURS of One-on-One Sessions (Phone or In-person)

$240 ($1/min; Financial assistance available on request)

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