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Many people can understand a wellness or spiritual concept intellectually, however most need assistance to actually integrate these practices and awarenesses into day-to-day life. Mentoring sessions help integrate wellness and spirituality deeply into daily life so you can raise your consciousness, start experiencing bliss, and manifest the life you want! 

Ayurveda Wellness Consultations


The ancient science of Ayurveda provides a wellness model for modern times. The tradition identifies an individual's unique energetic patterns and provides wisdom for balance through changes in lifestyle. The Ayurveda wisdom alone can help you change your perspective of your body to create more compassion and the ability to work with the strengths of your energetic system. Ayurveda Wellness Counseling provides:
  • specific details about your unique energetic body type
  • recommendations for daily lifestyle changes including advice for yoga, sleep, nutrition, self-care and energy balancing techniques
  • one-on-one support for implementing critical changes into day-to-day life
  • follow-up sessions for a customized yoga and meditation program, and marma point therapy for symptom relief



Spiritual Mentoring sessions are based on a specific goal or intention that you are ready to manifest in your life. We use the ancient practices of meditative yoga and Law of Attraction principles to shift your perspective in life to help set you up for success in manifesting the intention. We work from the intention to:
  • unearth the limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you from achieving the intention
  • build mindfulness in daily life around limiting patterns
  • help establish connection to self and divine source
  • create a home meditation practice (typically through a structured  21-day guided meditation program)
  • work with Law of Attraction qualities to build faith in divine law
  • witness your shifts in consciousness as grattitude, forgiveness and love are more deeply engrained
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