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Law of Attraction

Total Transformation
Law of Attraction Mentoring Program

Law of Attraction | 3 Month Transformation Mentoring Program 


  • One-on-one Sessions (in-person or skype; 60-90 min)

  • E-check-ins (phone, text, or email) 

  • Videos (Law of Attraction and other super useful tools)

  • Guided meditations (audio)

  • Live group calls

  • Active Facebook group with others in transformation

  • Awaken Your Potency book

  • Plus 4 Free videos on Law of Attraction in Relationships


Kim will work one-on-one with you for three months (12 WEEKS!) toward your transformation using the following steps to help you align with your intention:


Ayurveda Constitution Assessment: Determine how your unique energetics work so that you can create a deeper understanding of how you operate in the world. This helps you develop self-acceptance and create intentions that match with your energetics. Learn to be the rhinoceros instead of forcing yourself to be a Jaguar!


Intention-Setting: As you learn how your energy operates, you will continue building and revising your list of intentions until your list represents the Truth of who you are.


Remove the Blockages: The juicy part of this process is digging underneath your intentions to identify the fears, attachments, impossibility, and resistance that keeps you from manifesting these intentions. Once these aspects of your subconscious are brought to conscious awareness, you can begin disempowering the "monkey mind" so you can live from the Heart.


Connect to the Heart and Raise your Vibration: Living a joyful life takes wisdom to know how to access joy, positive belief systems that support joy, and new brain synapses to make this connection your default. This work is taught with great care and detail so that you can operate from the Heart on a day-to-day basis, which makes manifestation completely accessible.


Navigate the Negativity: We all have bad days, emotional dips, or that difficult relationship that brings us down...but how long you spend in the gutter is up to you. You will learn tools to get your lessons from the difficult times/people, and shift your vibration quickly so that life doesn't feel like it's beating you up. YOU dictate your vibrational reality.


Clean up the Unworthiness: We all have our own "flavor" of unworthiness. You will become intimately aware of your brand so that you can step into your value, your worth, your ability to be loved, your access to abundance.


Learn to work with the Universe: Law of Attraction takes skills. One of the most important skill is releasing into a place of Allowing so you can enter the flow of abundance. We will make this a very tangible process for you to build your ability to attract, give and receive.


Email Kim now to set up a free 20 minute call to determine whether this program is a fit for your future intentions!

Here's what past students are saying about working with Kim:

“Life-changing." Jenness C.


"Thanks to Kim's intention setting workshop, I was able to get to the root of my relationship commitment issues to find the love of my life.” - Rebecca D. 


"Through Kim Beekman's meditation programs, I have accessed a deep peace in my life that I never thought was possible.” -Sara M.


“Learning to release fear, raise my vibration, and unlearn destructive thought patterns helped me to forgive myself, open my heart, and strengthen (save) our marriage during a time when the hamster wheel of daily life was numbing us into discontentment.”  - Carla W.


“Kim has helped me learn to use my emotions as a compass in my daily life allowing me to align more fully with my highest self.” - Amy E

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