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Teen Inner Alignment (TIA)


Time Commitment:

Sundays 7pm ET (4pm PT) for 90 min


Choose 2 consistent weekday practice sessions (approx 20-30 min) 

For example: Mon 9pm ET, Tue 8pm ET o midnight ET, Wed 8pm ET or 11pm ET, Thu 8pm ET, Sat 12pm ET or 10pm ET, Sun 12pm ET


* * *


8/21-9/30 Session I: Initial Group

6 week Training Program

Attend Sundays and one weekday practice session (TBD)

Program is FREE

You will be taught how to do this work and how to show others to do the practices.

In exchange, you commit to give us feedback on the teaching and how the program is working (or not) for you so we can tweak it to meet other teens' needs for future offerings.


* * *


10/2-11/12 Session II: First Public Offering

Attend Sundays, and help facilitate 1-3 weekday practice sessions


You are paired up with another teen in your age group, and you facilitate the practice-of-the-week that you learned in the previous session with this new group. For example, talk them through the 2 breathing practices, or how to neutralize a negative thought.


Payment is $20/session ($20 for Sunday, and $20 for each practice session you co-facilitate). 

This comes to about $60/wk for 6 weeks, which is $320 for about 2hrs a week for six weeks.

*Payment is only provided if you follow through until the end of the program (only missing one week total over the 6 weeks; no bailing).