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a practical approach to transformation and bliss

Kim Beekman has a unique way of helping people transform their lives by integrating complex ancient concepts into a very practical approach to daily life. For over 25 years, she has been on her own healing, empowerment, and awakening journey which has led her to abundance, joy, and passion in life. She uses her journey, as well as 15 years of ongoing training and client experience, to guide people through their own inner journey of awakening to their BLISS. 
Kim leans on many tools in her mentoring practice such as Law of Attraction, Ayurveda (India's natural healing science), Introspective Practices, and Meditation. She takes a five pronged approach to transformation:
Set Vision & Intentions: Kim helps you connect with your Heart's desires to develop clarity for outer and inner intentions. She ensures your intentions are in alignment with the Truth of who you are.
Develop Self Understanding and Compassion: She helps you understand your unique body, energetics, mind, emotions, and consciousness so you are able to better navigate life, develop self-compassion, and release unrealistic expectations and unnecessary judgement. This paves the way for your intentions. 
Remove Obstacles: She works with you to identify and release the fears, attachments, impossibility, and resistance that keeps you from accessing your essence and your joy. By creating awareness, healing fear and the past, and learning to rewire your brain, you are able to release the limitations of the ego and create deep inner healing.
Maintain Inner Alignment: She works with you to maintain an authentic positive vibration in the face of difficulty and challenges. She guides you in sustaining your connection to the Heart to keep you in a place of receiving your desires from the Universe. This requires resilience in times of stress.
Achieve Outcome Alignment: Kim helps you troubleshoot and adjust where you get off course so you can achieve the outcomes that you desire.
Whether teaching physical yoga, yogic meditation, or law of attraction goal-setting, Kim approaches each student/client from the five layers of the body (koshas):
  • Physical: What is happening in the body? How are you feeling? Where have you lost balance?
  • Energetic: How is your energy? What elements (air, fire, earth) are you using? Do you understand your energetic system? Are you able to work with your energies?
  • Mental/Emotional: What are your subconscious belief systems and deep confusions about yourself? What emotions do you get stuck in? What tools do you have to shift out of the limited mind?
  • Conscious Awareness: Are you able to witness your life patterns and beliefs, and bring more awareness to your life? Can you come back to the present moment to shift out of limiting behaviors and beliefs? Have you transformed and transmuted the ego to hand the steering wheel over to the Heart?
  • Bliss: Are you connected to your bliss? Do you know how to access your bliss? Have you accessed the consciousness of your Heart?
More information about Kim's Qualifications.
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