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Hey Mom! Ready to RECLAIM Your Body, Mind, and Soul?

My upcoming program may be just what you need to feel better again.


If you are a depleted mom hanging on by a thread who has lost your energy, identity, and self-esteem, then you are in luck! I'm about to launch a program for moms who are ready to get their lives back. ... Helping you reclaim your identity, reduce stress, connect to your body, clear your mind, retrieve your soul, and heal your relationships. Join the tribe of women who are ready to transform with you!


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Here are some Case Studies of Moms who have taken my programs:



Case Study #1 Sara:  

   Sara went from low self-esteem (always feeling like the “fat kid”) with food/cigarette addiction after divorce … to self-empowerment, weight loss, dating, HR career shift, and connecting to her life purpose!

   When Sara found me, she was a “closet smoker” who comforted and numbed with unhealthy food every after her kids went to bed. She was the perpetual giver to everyone, that loyal friend who never stopped doing for others. The only problem was that she was severely unhappy, hated her body, felt like her life was a set of obligations, and couldn’t imagine finding a man who could love her. She was seeking her life purpose and had spent thousands of dollars on therapy and coaches to show her the way.

   When she and I started working together, Sara learned how to really honor her body through her understanding of how her unique physical/mental/energetic bodies operated. She increased her ability to show up for herself to do her daily practices. And she dug up the subconscious belief systems around codependency, perfectionism and setting up life around all the “shoulds.” She became a yoga teacher and now shares her stories, lessons and skills with others who have similar issues so she can make a difference in the world. AND she is back on the dating scene with confidence and a deep sense of self-worth. Go Sara!

  Sara says: “If anyone had told me three years ago that not only would I be relatively stress-free, more energetic, 25 pounds lighter, a better mom, friend, and potential girlfriend, but that I'd also be a confident yoga teacher who is excited to share all that I learned with other people in a public setting I would've told them they were crazy. None of this would've been possible without Kim Beekman's guidance, support, and wisdom helping to shine light on all of my buried treasures!”



Case Study #2 Carla: 

   Carla started as a tightly wound control freak (her words!) with a marriage on the brink of divorce … and now she is finally feeling like she is ENOUGH with a healed marriage and some pretty happy kids.

   Carla’s key to self-healing was working through the limiting beliefs and vibrations of “I”m not enough” She broke down her incessant need to control everything and rewired her brain to relax and trust. Her old habits of overworking, overachieving and perfectionism soon gave way to a solid self-care practice which affected the entire family’s life—they now have more time to play and less stress from the crazy schedule that Carla had created.

   Carla stopped focusing on how everyone else (i.e., husband) should change, and did the inner work to attract the best out of the relationship. She released the need to be so controlling (of the kids, the spouse, the results), and learned to have more fun. She even reclaimed her old passion for dance, choreography and self-expression. As others adjusted to the “new Carla,” she found herself living a transformed life. AND most recently, Carla is pursuing an  entrepreneurial endeavor to provide her more flexibility and time with the family. WOW, right?

Case Study #3 Amy: 

[Warning: this could be triggering for any who have miscarried or lost a child.] 

   Amy found me soon after she lost her stillborn baby daughter at 5 months. She desperately wanted to shed the deep fear and anxiety since she had recently become pregnant again with her son. Amy went from grief and mourning of her stillborn child and all of the life challenges associated with a child’s death … to finding the tools to move through grief, maintain her daughter’s memory with joy, and courageously birth her son with grace and clear intention for his wellbeing. She systematically processed all the fear and emotions—using daily practices, one-on-one coaching, and the support of other women in the program—to keep her mind and body low-stress and ready to birth a healthy son.

   Going through this process with other women changed Amy's world view about her own grief. As she witnessed and held space for the other women, she realized that hearing about their heartbreaks and perceived weaknesses did not make her think less of them—it made her see them as courageous. She took this lesson forward into her life, and now regularly shares her story as a board member of a nonprofit that assists the families of stillborn children.

   Amy shares: “It was only through sitting in meditation with Kim and the amazing group she created that I was able to see that my fear, grief and pain were not personality traits to squash, but were emotions that signaled I was a human being worthy of love and connection. I now view a person's willingness to be vulnerable as the ultimate sign of strength and humanity."


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