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Inner Alignment Healing Practitioner




I’m not sure that I’m ready to guide others.


If you have a small inkling to participate in this coaching program, then I would say that’s your soul’s impulse to serve. The ego will tell you that:


You’re not ready to help others.

Nobody ever feels ready to teach spirituality. Fortunately, this work doesn’t come from the ego, it comes from the Soul. The Soul has access to infinite wisdom always. As long as you are willing to open yourself to this infinite wisdom, you are ready to learn spiritual coaching.


You’re not interested in holding this space for others. 

Not interested...or afraid to get out of your comfort zone? This could be fear that you don’t know how or why you would coach. I personally never imagined that I would be teaching and doing healing work the way that I am. I asked Divine to serve and to be in alignment…I never would have guessed that this is what my life purpose would look like. If you have been on your path, and you’re not sure WHY you’re looking into this program, I can tell you that it’s NO COINCIDENCE.


You’re not experienced/enlightened/good -enough to help others. 

This is NOT TRUE. When you clear your unworthiness, you will see just how much this planet needs your unique gifts right now. I can’t stress this enough. You were put on this planet to do very specific spiritual work that relates to everything that you have been through so far in this (and previous) lifetimes. 


I would encourage you to follow your Heart even if you don’t know why it’s leading you in this direction. In my past trainings, the students who swore they would not teach, are some of the most profound teachers now. 


I'm seriously not interested in taking on clients, but I still feel called to do this work.


It is common that people feel called to do Level 2 without clarity on their WHY. What we find is that this work provides a deepening of your own inner work. Usually there is a profound personal expansion that coaches experience by graduation. 


How can this training complement my other work (as a bodyworker, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach)?


This coach certification can be combined with your other healing modalities to provide a very powerful impact on clients. 

Many clinical therapists have integrated these modalities into their therapy work to make a more profound and lasting impact on patients.


For example, bodyworkers may refer to themselves as a Wellness Coach to include Ayurveda balancing, healing intention-setting through LOA, and removal of belief systems to help release the mental/emotional/energetic/spiritual blockages to physical healing. 


Yoga Teachers may refer to themselves as a Yoga Wellness Coach to provide one-on-one work to students for energetic balancing and spiritual goal-setting.

Some have combined this work with their Reiki offering, and alternate Reiki and Coaching each week.

One graduate integrated this in her Pregnancy Loss work and now uses Inner Alignment Coaching to help women and couples move into greater expansion post-miscarriage.


Life Coaches may refer to themselves as an Inner Alignment Healing PractitionerSpiritual Counselor or Mind/Body/Spirit Coach to provide assistance in removing spiritual blockages to their coaching clients.


This is a comprehensive healing practitioner/coaching curriculum that will apply to any healing modality because intention and alignment are key components to every aspect of healing and helping others.


What are examples of service offerings once I’m done with certification?


Your clients could sign up for a package of sessions (and maybe live/video group sessions) to achieve a certain goal (healing something specific, e.g., recovering from a divorce, releasing the past). For example, you may choose to offer:


  1. A package of 4 to 8 one-on-one sessions to take clients from an specific block/issue into the vibration of manifesting the desire; or

  2. A group program that consists of regular group gatherings and 4 one-on-one sessions outside of the group work.


Other opportunities:


All students who obtain certification can request the opportunity to coach one client through Kim's ongoing Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma program, with mentoring from Kim. If this is a successful, you can apply to be an Rewiring Coach in our Soul Retrieval Program once you've enrolled three of your own clients into your offer.


What would I charge clients?


Depending on what other skills/services you are providing, the base client fee for the 4 to 8 session package is $500 and could range up to $2500 or more depending on your own self-worth and the results you have tracked with past clients.


The Return on Investment for this program is likely less than one year. A part-time coaching practice can be a great way to create unlimited abundance using and teaching the Laws of Abundance!


It is part of my personal goals to ensure that coaches will eventually be able to financially support themselves through Soul Alignment with their life purpose. I see this as a three-phase process of:


1. Birthing and learning your life's work

2. Launching your life's work as a playful and profitable part-time adventure

3. Making the obvious switch from the job you dislike to the work you love (which has already proven to be financially sustainable)




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