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Journey to Wellness

Try a mind, body and spirit approach to wellness to achieve peace-of-mind, vibrant energy,
fulfilling relationships, a strong and healthy body, and a life that you never had the courage to dream of!

YOGA ~ Align, strengthen and balance the body; release energetic blockages; promote healing through movement and breath-work; shift your current self-image
MEDITATION ~ Settle the mind; connect with Inner Source; attune to higher vibrations of love, compassion, forgiveness and abundance; visualize the goal state; strengthen your will
SELF-AWARENESS ~ Learn to tune in to your inner voice; determine attachments that drive your emotional states; learn the art of self-care, self-compassion, and self-love; master self-forgiveness tools 
RELATIONSHIPS ~ Cleanse negative karma from family lineage; shift relationships with which you struggle; learn how to create and maintain relationships that support and uplift you
NUTRITION ~ Learn about your unique Ayurvedic body type and what "fuel" works best; Examine ancient Ayurvedic strategies for health and healing; Identify new research on eating; Acquire practical strategies for changing your eating style; Find support in coping with social pressures around having a "unique eating style"
ABUNDANCE ~ Define and manifest the most vibrant version of yourself; learn to effortlessly change any aspect of your life!


For ALL body shapes, skills, and fitness levels.



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