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Healing Trauma Patterns in Partnerships


Childhood traumas, imbalances and unhealed wounds that live within ourselves will often create barriers to love, connection, and harmony in marriage


Over the course of 20+ years, we find ourselves repeating the same issues, arguments, and resistance in our relationships...circling those same roadblocks. ​It's no surprise that those issues are just unresolved trauma patterns that we've carried into our marriage from childhood. We find ourselves still looking for:

  • love that mom couldn't give because she was depressed


  • dad's approval that could never be accomplished because of his high expectations


  • a sense of belonging after being bullied as a kid


Join Kim and Matt Beekman as they address the main barriers in long-term marriage 

Saturday, May 7 via Zoom Video
4pm Eastern Time (1pm Pacific)

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how:

Childhood trauma gets stored in the body (as trauma packets)
and reverberates straight into your marriage;

Fear reactivity patterns from childhood show up
in your present-day interactions with your spouse;

Chakra imbalances and trauma packets create
unwritten contracts that enslave our spouses;


Sex and intimacy differs based on energetic (dosha) imbalances;

You may have magnified the negative marital traits
at the expense of what's actually working;


The Golden Nugget determines whether a marriage has the potential to ultimately work!

Program Fee

Fee for one or both partners: $45
Recording will be provided upon request!

*Please note: Program payments cannot be refunded or transferred to another person/program/date*

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