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​Corporate Yoga Services

​How do you increase efficiency and innovation, build teamwork, and improve the health, wellness and job satisfaction at your company?
Yoga and Meditation at your office!
Get started:
~Find a space to fit 10 yoga mats at your office

~Set a regular date/time for class 

~Choose the class duration (45, 60, 75 minutes)

~Determine whether program will be paid by employee or corporate funds


Here's what people are saying about Corporate On-site Yoga in Saratoga:
"Kim's class provides the perfect mid-day respite from a busy work day.
I always leave the class feeling invigorated but also calmer and better able to handle challenges at work."

"The day Kim comes to your office will be the most productive day of the week - because after her class everyone will be focused, sharp, and ready to work."

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