Certified Inner Alignment Mentors


Any of the following Coaches can skillfully lead you through healing, transformation, and manifestation of your desires. Most will work online or in-person through coaching packages (4 sessions per package), or themed programs to guide you to a specific goal.


If they weren't fantastic at what they do, they wouldn't be on this page!

Each is talented beyond belief. I can't wait for you to get started with them!

Inner Alignment Coach

Sara Martin

Sara works with those who struggle with addictions and co-dependency, and want to thrive in Recovery.


Inner Alignment Transformation Coach

Sandra Kahlon

Sandy works with those who are ready to move beyond their past and shift into a more awakened future.


Inner Alignment Coach

Laura Killian

Laura works with those who are desiring a deeper connection with Source, and/or are moving through grief from death of a loved one.


Inner Alignment Coach

Amy Mullen

Amy works with those looking to repair and re-align relationships.


Inner Alignment Coach

Sarah Denio

Sarah works with women and couples who are trying to conceive, working through pregnancy loss, and who are pregnant, as well as moms working to keep balance in life.


Inner Alignment Coach

Donna Hier

Donna works with those who are looking to hack their belief systems and shift into a more expansive way of being.


Inner Alignment Coach

Beatrice Kendall

Beatrice works with those who want to create or strengthen a meditation practice. Her programs guide those who wish to shift into parenting as a spiritual practice.

Transformation Consciousness Coach

Trish DeRocher

Patricia works with Social Justice teachers, students and activists to bring a more inner-focused and trauma-healing approach to activism.


Inner Alignment Coach

Rebecca Giudici

Rebecca is gifted at Law of Attraction and works with those who are looking to manifest healing, a partner, a job...really anything.