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Inner Alignment Path​

Inner Alignment consists of three levels of work:

Level I: Inner Healing and Transformation
(Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma)

Level II: Inner Alignment Coach Certification

Level III: Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval Healer Certification


To see if this path is a good fit for you, please schedule a 20 min discussion so we can chat.


For those who are not ready for the depth of work that's needed to heal embedded Trauma Packets, I have agreed to offer a Single Soul Retrieval Healing Session to Yoga Farm Teacher Training Participants.  

More info HERE.

Please note, without continued Soul Retrieval and 2 months of Rewiring, the impact of this session could be temporary. Payment toward a single session can be applied toward Level 1 Inner Healing Program (if registration is within a week).

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